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Loosing your heart is like living in two bodies.
Whenever you're at one place,
you know that a part of you is missing.

... and sometimes, there is no cure at all.

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Der Charakter, der laut Post-Benachrichtigung als nächstes dran ist wechselt - sofern nicht schon dort - zum See mit dem Playpartner und veranstaltet dort eine illustre Planschrunde. (Johanna, 31.05.2016)

Fallen » 22.07.2015, 22:13 » this or that? #3
Selbst Wedges. Sonst Pommes c;

Herbst oder Frühling?
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 21:52 » Juli 2015
Oh, toll! smilie

Waaaaaaas? :O Okay, Essen geht irgendwie als Ausrede durch.
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 16:40 » Tierraten
Boah, dieses dumme Pferd gibts numal dreimal! Ehhh^^

Neues kommt heut Abend c:
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 16:39 » Juli 2015
Uhh, besuchen die dich?
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 15:34 » Stadt, land, Fluss mal anders
Stadt: Saskatoon
Land: Schweden
Fluss: Saale
Sänger: Sunrise Avenue
Obst: Sauerkirsche
PC-Spiel: Sims
Getränk: Selters
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 15:15 » Stadt, land, Fluss mal anders
Schnell spammen dass Lisa des nicht mehr findet! =D

Stadt: Saskatoon
Land: Schweden
Fluss: Saale
Sänger: Sunrise Avenue
PC-Spiel: Sims
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 14:53 » Paulas Schreibwerkstatt
Leider hab ich momentan nur was auf Englisch da, die deutschen Sachen sind entweder todeslangweilig oder viel zu kurz :c

How you Left, Chapter I: Tell him we had plans!

"Ravyn." I wake up to the voice of my boyfriend. "Eh...", I make this sound of mine that he finds "adorable". (I argue him every time that it's not adorable, but he won't shut up. It usually ends the same way: I stare at him angrily, and end the argument with an annoyed "eh". He always tries so hard not to break into laughter before I do.) One of the facts that should be included in the "How to handle a Ravyn"-handbook is that I hate standing up, and never make any plans before noon (actually I prefer not to make any before 4pm but I learned to adapt), and right now, my alarm clock looks like 9:18 to me. Of course I don't have my contacts in yet and my alarm has a pretty long record of screwing up, but then again I also know my boyfriend. I love Chase, just not the fact that he's a morning person. He also still thinks that I could change, which is quite remarkable (I gave this idea up when I was like three).

Chase looks at me. Two scenarios: either he is admiring my beauty (unlikely, I just woke up and have little doubt that I also look really grumpy, regarding the time and the fact that I'm not dreaming) or he said something and I was too lost in my own thoughts to notice. I blink. He blinks. I know that he knows that I know that he said something and I am really sorry and don't want to give him the impression that I wasn't listening, but he knows anyways and... I shouldn't think so much in the morning. That was just a way too complicated train of thought, it being nine in the damn morning does not help to follow it.

"Didn't hear you, Chase. Sorry... but it's too early anyways, why don't I go back to sleep and you take a nap with me? I'm sure you've already been up for like twelve hours or so", I mumble to defend myself. "Would be too bad for that delicious new cake recipe I tried tough... I mean, it's still warm, and I always thought you liked cake, but I'm sure my mom would appreciate it too, so let's go with your idea, you'll go back to sleep and I will call my mom up for a date..." He pretends to think loudly but I know he is only teasing me. A smile cracks upon his face when I give in: "Fine! I will stand up and we will eat your damn cake, but it's better gonna be good!" But Chase just looks so happy, it's really hard to be mad at him for long.

He stands up in order for me to be able to somehow make my way out of bed. He is about to leave the room when I call him back. "Chase?" He turns around and leans against the doorway. I find his eyes before I tell him: "You know that I love you because of things like this, right?" It's nothing he wouldn't already know (I hope at least), but I guess I couldn't be saying it often enough... I don't actually. He's simply amazing, and this thing he does, this tilt of his head when he's confused, I totally fall for that. "And that's because I'm such a talented baker or because I always wake you up 'in the middle of the night'?", he chuckles. I shake my head in response. I was actually making a statement here and he is just being silly? Well, I probably wouldn't do any better either. "No, because you just intuitively know what makes me happy, and that makes you happy too. You're like one of those cute, fluffy puppies when you are happy", I explain myself and lower my eyes. I still watch him out of the corner of them, but as far as I know us, we wouldn't end up eating cake anytime soon. I am less worried about Chase than about me tough. Don't get me wrong, we are not'making out all the time (in fact, we've never gone there...), just sometimes, you know, this feeling overcomes you, and I can feel it right now. Cake really turns me on, I think.

"Well, you are simply insufferable when you are not, my dear", he says and walks out, grinning. "Eh." I am never insufferable! That is just totally unfair. I can't even believe he just said that. I still stand up tough, by now, even I couldn't go back to sleep, and I know he's just teasing me... He'd better. And he has the stronger argument - yes, in Ravyn's world, cake is definitely an argument.

I scuffle over to the bathroom and don't even bother to look in the mirror. Instead, I splash water in my face, the only method to wake me up completely. My parents know that, Chase doesn't, and I don't mean to tell him either. I know that I'd never have a good night of sleep again.

Water is dripping from my face and I stare at the girl in the mirror. I don't know what he sees in me. He says, I'm always beautiful. I don't know why. He says, I don't have to put on any make-up, not for him. Even tough I still do it, at least before I leave the house, I noticed that I use less. As cheesy as it may sound, I feel whole next to him, not naked and lonely as I used to - I actually had a huge fight with my dad before Chase came to our school. It was about my make-up, and in his opinion, his little sweetheart had way to much "paint" in her face, he told me he would pay for some paper, then I wouldn't have to use my face anymore. Boy, I hated him that night. In the end, it was for the better (of course), but it took some screaming, lots of make-up remover and ounces of tears for me to realize that.

But back to Chase and the cake. I know he wouldn't be mad if I take my time (he'd be mad half of his life), but I feel guilty. Yes. I know. I didn't use to care what other people thought of me, but that's just another of the little changes my life has made since I met him.

While I walk down the stairs, the thought of how much I want people to like me crosses my mind again. Oh, I've changed so much...

Even before I take the last step, I can smell Chase's awesomeness. No, I don't mean his aftershave or alike (although it does really turn me on) but his baking skills which are truly amazing. I wonder what he tried today.

Well, guess what - Chase is already done setting the table. Yeah, yeah, I know, big surprise. I really shouldn't spend so much time daydreaming. "Anything I can help you with?", I ask, just in case I've missed something (very likely scenario). "You know it already looks perfect, right?", I add, because he still seems busy. It's a statement ratger than a question, but he must disagree with me - at least I interpret his headshake that way, he is so bound up in fixing something that I can't see that I'm not sure if he understood me. "If you could get a knife and the cinnamon in the meantime, that would be great", he answers my first question, looking up for a moment and flashing a smile in my direction. "I'm almost done."

Okay. The knife is not hard, but where the fuck did this boy hide the cinnamon? I swear he did, I would find it if he didn't, right? I'm having a little crisis in the kitchen, but search again. Nothing. So I just walk back in the dining room, the knife clutched in my hand. "Here, I got the knife. Couldn't find the cinnamon tough", I report. "Spice cupboard, top shelve, second or third item from the right", he says without even blinking, then takes the knife out of my hand. He's about to cut the cake but hesitates and then sighs.

"Ravyn, that's not gonna work."

"Why not?", I wonder.

"It's a butter knife", he chuckles, but stops by looking at the 'so what?' expression on my face. "I need something bigger", he explains. "Let me help you out a bit", he chuckles again and walks me back into the kitchen. "So, here's the knife I need", he comments while opening a drawer to pull out a rather impressive knife. He places it on the counter, then continues in his English accent that I find so attractive: "And the cinnamon, darling...", he gently pushes me over to the other wall of the kitchen, "is over here." I open the cupboard where we keep all our spices (mainly because Chase used them once or twice), but I still can't spot the jar he needs. "It's not here- ahh!" Suddenly I feel his hands around my waist, lifting me up. I giggle and hear him laughing, his breath lightly brushing against my exposed back. "So... what was I supposed to find again - salt?", I giggle, using the wrong word on purpose. "You've always had interesting choices, Ravy", he laughs, "but can you please get some cinnamon? For me?" "Hm...", I tease him, but the next second I writhe in his grip as he attacked my sides with his fingers. "Okay, okay, stop! I'll get it for you, stop", I bring out, still laughing, because he wouldn't listen. "Hm...", Chase imitates me, but stops when I elbow him. "I could drop you, you know", he huffs. "Well, you shouldn't, because I have what you want", I purr. "Aww, we're being all sexy today?", he says, his voice deeper than before, letting me down as he speaks. "Chase! What would your parents say?", I ask indignantly and lightly hit his arm. (He's damn hot when he puts on that voice, but he has enough ego for two.) "They'd understand me, considering my girlfriend is the hottest one in town", he smirks, causing me to roll my eyes. "Sometimes I just don't understand why exactly I'm going out with you." "Because I'm talented, smart and smoking hot?", he suggests. "Uhh... no. Your cakes are amazing and they're worth it", I deny. "Aww, that hurt my feelings Ravy", he pouts. "Oh, shut up you bastard", I groan and wrap my arms around his neck, placing my lips on his.

When he pulls away, I lean against him and snuggle up in his arms. "You know what I want now?", I mutter against his chest. "Some cake?", he guesses, and he definitely scored with that one. 100 sparkly bonus points for him. "Exactly", I nod, but don't move away yet. When I do, Chase puts his arm around my shoulders and heads for the dining room, picking up the knife on the way, but his quietness surprises me. "You wish I said that I want you, right?", I put together the pieces slowly. He stops. "Kind of, yeah", he replies. Shrugging his shoulders, he adds: "It's kinda sad that you prefer something I've created over me." What did I say about his ego? Scratch that. "Only because the cake won't stay hot... you will", I smirk. "Hm." After a short break, he generously forgives me: "Apology accepted" I laugh. "I'm such a lucky girl, aren't I?", and he replies with a "You so are", a big grin on his face.

"Okay, let's slaughter this cake!", I call out in excitement once we 'arrive" at the table (everything seems like a long march to me on an emty stomach). "You can't slaughter cake, Ravy", Chase chuckles at me while cutting. "Why not?", I ask, with a sadden tone in my voice while my excitement faints. It sounded so good. "You can only slaughter living things, like people or animals", Chase explains patientely. "I think you could slaughter cake", I argue. Chase looks at me for a second, then nods his head. "Yeah, I bet you could slaughter cake. I could see that happen."

We both sit down, "enjoy" he says. I smile at him, and take a bite. "Hmm! Chase, you sure you're not some god? Because this is like the best cake I've ever had-", he wants to say something but I cut him off, "no, seriously, I mean it. You've had great ones before but this one is... perfect. It tastes like summer." He uses my sentence as a stepping stone. "Well, it's kind of about summer...", he starts, suddenly sounding serious. "Sun, fun and us?", I grin to cheer him up. Serious talk scares me, and his next words sound very much like it to me.

"Ravyn? I... we... need to talk."

I look up. Chase looks really nervous (he's not gonna propose to me, is he?), so I reach out for his hand and give it a light squeeze. "Anything", I say softly, but at the same time I feel anxiety rising up inside. As I said, I'm not good around serious issues. "Okay, this is kind of a longshot. I've been thinking. I can't always play hockey and work at a diner. I need something, something that I could spend the rest of my life doing." He stops and looks at me before he goes on. "You know me best of all, and know that I couldn't live without sports, so my job would have to involve that. From time to time we assisted with the Junior's practices and... I really enjoyed that. I love kids and I decided that that's what I want to do."

I still look at him and wait for him to go on, but he stopped. "But Chase, that sounds great! I think you would be a great coach, or trainer, or even father, even tough this might not be the time, but you are just great with kids. I think you're really looking into something that would work out just the way you want it", I babble away, awry to swipe that serious look from his face. I can see an older (but still smoking hot) Chase surrounded by little kiddies before my inner eye.

His voice jolts me out of my dreams again. "Are you okay with me leaving for six weeks, Ravyn?"

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Fallen » 22.07.2015, 14:51 » Paulas Schreibwerkstatt
Ja, betreten auf eigene Gefahr =D

Wenn ihr Lust habt, stell ich hier ab und zu was von meinem Getippsel rein, wobei ich da noch unzuverlässiger als beim Posten bin.
Falls jemand aber tatsächlich Lust auf mehr hat, sollte man mal auf meinem Wattpad-Profil vorbeischauen, wenn ich das alles mal wieder unter einen Hut kriege und mir die Nyphe Kreativität über den Weg läuft, passiert da vielleicht auch mal wieder was... Haha. netter Gedanke.

Nja, viel Spaß euch c:

Und danke nochmal an Jasmin für die goose-Aufgabe ;p

Alles Liebe,
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 14:38 » Juli 2015
Dann iss was! smilie

Wir brauchen einen Ess-Smiley.
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 14:25 » Tierraten
Ich kann dieses Spiel voll.

Beautiful Moment?
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 14:20 » Juli 2015
Gute Idee c;

Puh, ich werd mal posten gehen und dann endlich den ersten Nada-Post smilie

Momentan ruiniere ich übrigens deine Grafik. =D
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 13:16 » Juli 2015
Hey! smilie
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 13:16 » Stadt, land, Fluss mal anders
Klar, ich hab extra noch nen Zweitaccount, wo ich nur dieses Spiel beobachte um dann on zu kommen wenn ich hier posten muss, klaaaar =D

Stadt: Saskatoon
Land: Schweden
Fluss: Saale
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 13:12 » Die Zahl 3
Fallen » 22.07.2015, 13:06 » Welcher Charakter?
Auf die Idee bin ich gar nicht gekommen, aber nein =D
Dachte, ich machs mal was schwieriger für euch ^.^
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